10 Clear Signs That Can Be Found in Potential Cheaters

Women can probably bear every fault in men; they can bear weird habits, they can bear messy-ness, they can tolerate snoring and even evils like swearing, drinking and beatings but one thing that they can’t tolerate or rather that they are not capable of tolerating is a man who cheats. It makes them question their self and it makes them feel as if they were not enough for the man and that makes them furious.


In order to save you from such men, we have collected 10 characteristics of men that cheat so that you might be able to steer clear of them.

1. Being Very Attractive

Just consider this; according to a research, 44 percent women say that they will disregard the man’s relationship status if only he is good-looking. So instead of going after men that look really good, try to think this; they will always have the chance to cheat on you because they will never run out of women.

2. Narcissistic tendencies

Narcissistic people have a habit of disregarding the feelings of others and hence anything can be expected of them, even cheating.

3. Adrenaline junkies

People who need to get high or are compulsed to feel a rush every now and then will also try to get a kick out of cheating because like every other dangerous and illegal thing cheating also gets them into trouble.

4. Needy

Such attention-seekers will try to get attention from you and others in every way they can. They constantly need assurances of love from people and once they have gained yours, they will feel like it has lost its importance so they will look for validation from new people.

5. Deceptive

Liars are also sometimes cheaters. So if your partner is a compulsive liar, chances are that he might also try cheating because the same principles apply to both. They are already adept at lying, what’s to stop them from cheating?

6. Idolizing Cheating Behavior

Look for their reactions on the cheating behavior of others. If they tend to normalize or act like it’s no big deal about the lying or cheating of others than there is no standard that will stop them from doing the things themselves.

7. They’re Insecure

Insecure people need validation of their worthiness from everyone and they still don’t feel worthy. No matter what the reason for their insecurity is, if you can stay away from insecure people, do stay away. Help them if you can but don’t get involved.

8. Sociopathic tendencies

People who are antisocial and have a loose character are most indefinitely prospective cheaters.

9. Hopeless Flirts

Flirts might seem fun at first. And you may have started dating the guy because of his flirting skills but there’s always the question of whether he’ll flirt with other girls the same way or if he says that his flirting is harmless, who’s to say what the intention behind the flirting really was? It’s a dangerous and confusing habit.

10. A questionable moral compass

People who have questionable morals can never be trusted untill and unless they correct their faulty ways. People with high morals will find it far more dificult to cheat than the ones with low moral values. Chaeting will be justifiable to these people easily.

Now we are not saying in this post that every man has to be a monogamist because it is not possible but just saying that cheating should not be a considerable option for anyone. Hope you enjoyed!


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