10 Things Every Couple Should Do At Least Once

Today’s world is running at such a quick pace that a lot of people miss out on doing the stuff that matter. There are so many interesting and novel things a couple can do, that it would be a shame to reach old age without experiencing some of these experiences. This article lists 15 different intimidate things that every couple in the world should try out at least once. Of course, if you like some of the stuff you try, you should definitely try repeating them in the future.


Massage Each Other

Massaging your partner is one of the best ways to get the stress out that has been built-up in their bodies in the prior days. Another benefit of giving a massage is that your partner is probably going to want to return the favor.

Cook Together

IF you want to build some more rapport with your partner, while also making the relationship more interesting, you should definitely try to cook together. Not only will you become healthier, but you will also save money by not spending it in restaurants.
Doing It in the Shower

A very interesting and novel experience any couple can try out is to try having sex while showering together. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time or money in this experiment, so if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost anything of value.

Doing It in a Public Place

Having sex in a public place is a crazier and more adventurous alternative to having sex in the shower. If your relationship is in a dire need of more adventure, then you should probably try out both having sex in a public and in the shower.
Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a very romantic gesture that is sure to melt the heart of any girl. Just make sure you know what you are doing beforehand, and try not to fall and hurt yourself or your partner. Perhaps hiring an instructor can help out.

Using Food during Foreplay

Incorporating food during foreplay is not a weird or unheard thing to do. By using food, you don’t have to plaster it all over your body. You could, for example split a strawberry together, or use a spray cream in an interesting and novel way.
Watching Porn Together

This is a more controversial option that could work for some couples that are more into computers and browsing the web. Watching porn together with your partner has been reported as a successful way of reinvigorating a relationship that has slowed down.

Visit the Beach

If you live near a beach, you should definitely try to visit from time to time. On the flipside, if you don’t live near a beach, then you should definitely try to vacation near one at least once every few years or even more frequently.
Visit the Outdoors

If you don’t live near a beach, or perhaps you are not a fan of the ocean, then you can definitely visit the outdoors with your partner. If you are adventurous, you can set up a tent and spend a night or two while exploring the forest.

Try Each Other’s Hobbies


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