Here Are 10 Things A Guy Wants From His Girlfriend

A relationship is more about physical pleasure than about anything else, (let’s be real and keep it serious, there’s nothing shallow about being attracted to someone) and when two people are attracted to each other, it usually starts with the physical attraction before it evolves into something else and the bedroom becomes ten times more attractive after you’ve fallen in love.


And for the men in a relationship, it always about the lust, because well, they’re lustful creatures, and that quality can be quite appealing sometimes. So, in the spirit of keeping relationships sizzling and fun, we’ve comprised a list of all the things that men want from their girls.

10. You’re Forward About What You Want:

If you want something, don’t hesitate to ask for it and don’t hold back, men like confident women in bed who aren’t afraid to go for the goal and try something new for a change, it’s all about experimenting and being more open to the stuff your partner wants from you, it’s important to know his needs and the things he likes and wishes to experiment with.

9. You Wear Red More:
When you want to appear more attractive try on something small and red for size, he won’t know what hit him! Scientists have suggested that red is a primary mating color and riles up any guy more than any other color does, the redder you wear when you’re getting down to business with him the more chances are he’s going to be attracted to you.

8.Your Waist-To-Hip Ratio Is Good:

It’s all about the waist to hip ratio for men, if a woman’s waist is 70% that of her hips than she is ten times more attractive and from an evolutionary perspective, a ratio under 0.6 may signal hips that are not well suited to childbirth, and a ratio in excess of 0.8 could suggest fertility difficulties related to being overweight. It’s time to get to the gym and start some butt exercises.

7. You Have Tattoos:
Tattoos make a woman totally irresistible because it brings an air of mystery to the table in a way it can’t in any other way, especially if it’s around your private parts, men can’t resist them!

6. You’re A Tease:

Tease him and flirt with him for a bit before going in for the kill, play around with him and let him know who’s boss, men love a woman who isn’t just into him but is attractive and knows how to tease him and play him up to his advantage, leaving butterfly kisses and staying mysterious yet interested is going to drive him crazy.

5. You Let Him Explore His Fantasies:

If you guys have been getting into a mundane routine now then maybe its time you played it up and allowed him to explore some his fantasies give in to what he wants once in awhile and let the magic happen, it won’t just strengthen your bond, it’ll drive him crazy and will keep him wanting more.

4. You Let Your Hair Loose:

Just like big eyes and a full mouth are attractive physical traits, so is your hair, guys love girls that play with their hair and love it falling all over them as they make love, make sure to let it lose and have some fun with it when playing it up and let it loose in front of him so he knows you mean business.

3.You Dominant Or Can Be Dominated:

Feel him up as your making it out and let the energies flow, taking control of a situation makes a women ten times more attractive because some guys want be dominated and some want to dominate, know what he wants and what he’s in the mood for and play it out.

2. You Like To Indulge Role Play:
If the mundane routine is making your sex life boring maybe its time you got the help of some tools made for couples, explore yourself and let him explore too and bring back the fun to your bedroom by bringing in some things in the mix and spicing it all up.


It’s important to know that being comfortable with someone should be the main priority in a relationship and you shouldn’t be doing anything that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable, but on the other hand if you really love your guy and you want to make your nights with him extra special you might as well try out some of these things we’ve mentioned here! Here’s to a happy (and sexy) holiday season!


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