13 Shocking Secrets You Missed To Know About The Female Body

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The female body is a work of art. While you might think you know everything about the female body or their anatomy, we are here to tell you that not everything you see is the only things to know. There are a lot of secrets hidden inside that you are still to crack. Although you’ve read all those big books, researched online about things you want, studied a female body, there are still these shocking things that you need to bring your notice to.

Gentlemen, we are sure you had no idea how smarter we are. Right? And how gifted our fifth sense is?

Well, if you feel like you want to know all that you missed knowing about the female body, you need to read this. Females have been given some really unique perks.

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Here are all the shocking secrets you need to know about the female body!

1. One breast is larger than the other.
It is actually a very small difference but this is true.
2. The attractiveness of the baby is highly dependent on what the female eats during pregnancy.
So eat wisely ladies. Don’t make an excuse to eat whatever you want.
3. The part of the brain that is responsible to show arousal during sex in women also shows food cravings.
4. Women tend to experience multiple orgasms.
While men need time before the second.
5. Women’s brain tends to go into the past more than men. They have a better memory.
6. Unlike men, women listen from both the sides of their brain.

Well, this explains a lot. Doesn’t it?
7. Biologists say that it is natural for women to seek men because of attractiveness and resources.
While men seek women just because of youth and attractiveness.
8. Women over 40 are generally quicker at orgasms than women under 40.
9. Women crave s3x in the summer more then they do in any other season.
10. A woman’s egg is fertile between 24 to 48 hours and sperm can live up to 48 hours or even longer in the woman’s body.
11. Women live longer than men.
12. Women who take birth control are perceived as less attractive because men are especially attracted to fertile women.

13. Women, you need to go easy on using a razor on your pubic area. You are inviting STI’s.

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