15 Little Things She Does To Hook You In

Whenever you see a girl dating the guy of her dream, you wonder why you usually fail to impress the one you like. Is that the case with you? You always get confused about what things you must do in order to catch his eyes? The solution to this problem is quite a simple one. No one is perfect. Guys are more confused than what you are. At least you know how to look best. We have brought you 15 ways to hook you crush in, and make him feel that you are the one. So sit back and relax because we are starting our list.

Sheer confidence and self-belief

We all have seen the girls that are always high on confidence. They know want they want, they ask for it, they get it, and they never apologize for showing their desires. This is often what impresses a guy. If you want a successful man, then make it clear that he would love to have a girl that has a life of her own and does what she wants to do. Confident men prefer confident women over the shy ones.

Making him the king of your world
Belief it or not, men love being dominant. They want you to make him feel like a king. This thing usually goes both ways; if you make him the king of your world then he will make you the queen. Look at your man like he is the most wonderful and the most charming man you have ever seen, and he will love it. Life is all about give and take. You cannot expect getting treated well if you do not treat your guy that way.

A good sense of humor

Guys like dating girls that can laugh and negotiate embarrassing situations. You should learn how to laugh at his silly jokes, not only that but also laugh at life as well. Just imagine that your shoe got stuck in mud and you fell down. What would be better thing to do? Negotiating it with a laughter, or brooding about it all day? Surely the later one. A successful guy needs a girl that can make him life easier and funnier than before, not more stressful and boring.

The eye contact
Girls that make confident eye contact is what helps them to hook in the guy that they want. You do not believe me? Okay then, imagine this. You are at a party with a girl sitting right next to you. Both of you suddenly look at each other and make an eye contact. And she looks away, and you are left clueless. Not an ideal thing, eh? Okay so now image it again. Both of you make an eye contact, and she gives the most seductive look that she has, with a smile on her face.

Now you can compare both the situations and withdraw a conclusion. The key is that men feel confident when they meet a girl that can confidently make eye contact.

Being passionate
It is a general misconception that a guy feels loved towards a girl that is passionate about him. Being passionate towards him is not enough. Guys love having a woman that has passion toward something else as well. This can be her career, her family and even her life. A passionate person has meaning in his/her life. What can be better than a guy looking adorably at his girl when she talks about her passion.

Getting a little dirty

Of course, guys like the girl that tends to get a little dirty in the bedroom. But unfortunately that is not the point of discussion here. We are talking about getting dirty in real life. Guys are considered as dirtier than ladies. And when a man finds a girl which replicates him in this respect, then he cannot resist. Girls that like hiking, biking, racing and other activities that can make them dirty; really hooks a man in.

A slight touch
Touching a man expresses your affection and makes him feel that you are not afraid of him and feel secure. Even the slightest of touches can hook him in. So if you are on you first date then try holding his hand or place your head on his shoulder. This will induce an electric current in his body and he will ask for more. Holding your man’s bicep makes him feel like a superman.

Listening to what he says

A guy loves the type of girlfriend that can hear him out. After spending hours at office, travelling back home and managing affairs, a man feels stressed out. Even though men are emotionally strong, but they cry as well. If you listen to his difficulties and problems, and tell him that you have his back then he has 100% chances of getting hooked in. Guys never accept it but they need emotional support, and if they get that support from you then this can strengthen the chemistry between both of you.

Trying new things
It is a part of female physique that they are always afraid of trying new things. Trying out new things in the bed form a part of this debate too, but we are specifically discussing the adventurous part. Guys always try out new things, they go out and have fun, and they want their girl to accompany them. We know that you are afraid, but trust your man and compromise. This compromise will force your man to think that you are the one.

Being a low key

High maintenance girls are not considered as the best partners. We are not saying that it is a bad thing, of course everyone has someone there waiting for her. But if you remain with him in the home, watch a movie or a match, and have a small party with him alone. Then this thing can help you to catch his attention and rule his heart. Every man wants his life to be drama free and wants to chill out with his girl. So you should work on this part to live a happy relationship.

His friends love you
There is no rocket science involved in understanding that the guys weigh their friends more than anyone. A man listens to what his friends suggest him. So you must try to be in the good books of your guy’s friends. But make sure that you do not over-impress his friends. You are hooking the man, not his friends. And it is always good to know that his friends say well about you when you are not with them. This can make your man think that you are of his type, and he hooks in.

Being ambitious

The think that we discussed earlier, the passion, is what draws man towards you like no other thing can. A man wants his girl to be hungry for want she wants. Striving and hardworking girls are way more attractive than the ones who are satisfied and sit idle. Ambition is the foremost thing that a man explicitly catches when a girl throws it at his. Talking about your ambition and the things that you want to do in your life can force him to get hooked in, whether intentionally or not.

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