15 Ways to Tell He Is Already Cheated on You

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The worst thing is thinking your partner is cheating on you. This brings a sense of unease to oneself and can consume away your self-confidence and lower your self-esteem as well. It also causes worry that brings unwanted infidelity. In case you feel there is some distance developing between you and your partner as each day goes by, then there are high chances that you are dealing with a cheater. It may be difficult to give in that the person you love and cherish is betraying your trust but is also a good idea to realize the situation and move on with life. Cheaters always rely on lies and secrecy to get away with their dirty deeds.


15. He becomes hypercritical
If in the recent times you seem to do right things, then your partner always critiques every little you do, it is an open indication that he is unfaithful. He or she may develop a hostile character. This may include hostile critics on everything, from your clothing to your cooking. It is a sign that your partner is losing interest in you due to cheat-guilt. Cheaters will always try by all means to justify their infidelity by making it look like their present relationship is too terrible. Despite all discussed above, remember you are self-worth and do not let the cheat- shame erode your certainty.

14. He has altered his tastes
The best part of being in a relationship is aware of your partner wholly, inside-out. It may include knowing the types foods, hobbies, and music that he adores. Usually, this is the foundation that brought the two of you together. Once these consistencies start to change out of the blue, then you have to become a little suspicious. For instance, if your guy had a distaste for Jazz music and then out of nowhere he becomes a jazz aficionado, these are signs that he is cheating. As much as tastes change as we get older, sudden and drastic changes are an indication that he is being influenced by someone.

13. He buys Random gifts for you
There is nothing wrong with a man showing his piece of appreciation by buying you a gift. In case this frequently happens out of a blue moon, then he might be ashamed of cheating on you and wants to relieve his guilt by buying you random gifts. Giving gifts randomly is an early sign of adulterous behavior. It may also mean that he is taking away powers from you of being angry with him about some things. The random-gift buying tries to convince him that he is not a bad guy and that he cares.

12. His mood is everywhere
Guilt has an immoral way of expressing itself. It manifests itself through anger as well as volatility. This is the reason why cheaters can always be prone to mood swings that are wild, blowing hot in a second and cooling down in another. The smallest of all things may raise the cheater’s temperature, and what may look like fun, a calmed chill-sesh with your guy may turn out rapidly into a hot-tempered and moody quarrel. Guilt and shame are not pleasing to deal with, and this hints why your partner may be struggling to fight off his nagging moody feelings. They will always unleash when the two of you are sharing a happy moment.

11. He blames you for being a cheater
Ever suspected him of cheating and turned things around to claim that you are the one? Psychological projection is among the many signs of tell-tale that he is cheating. By accusing you something he is guilty of, in this case, cheating, your partner is ascribing flows to you that he rejects processing. The accusatory claims are a clever way of defense for a cheater which allows him to defect the blame on you. Therefore you have to be strong and do not allow him to flip accusations to you.

10. He is “At work” almost all times
If your partner usually spends long hours at the workplace, the chances are that he is swapping the boardroom for the bedroom and does not tell you of it. If his workload has doubled yet, his pay cheque is still the same, and something might be coming up. On the same not, if weekends and holidays are dedicated hours for office activity, and he tells you nothing of what he is up to, you have a definite reason to think he has no good behind it.

9. He defends himself much over small things
Why doubt where I was? Why is my case all over you? Can’t I see my friends? Ask Steve if you doubt me! Sounds familiar? When your partner gets overly defensive when inquired about small things, then he is trying to hide something from you. If your guy is not forthcoming about his daily activities, you have all the reasons to become suspicious. This is a classic and deflective cheater character and should be red-flagged. If you do not get the answers you want, then question his reliability.

8. He is distracted when with you
You know that moment when you are engaging someone with a talk, and it is like you are talking to a block of a wall? It is bad when it happens with your ally but becomes worse when it happens with your partner especially when he becomes non-responsive. You might be joking with him or tell him something serious, but his mind seems to be far miles away. It often happens when your partner is cheating on you and therefore his thoughts are preoccupied with another lady. If he does not focus on you when you are sharing with him, he is likely thinking about how he would spend time with the other woman.

7. He has changed his appearance
Physical presentation is one of the most telling signs that your man is cheating on you. In case he upgrades his grooming game recently, it could be because he is trying to please another woman. Normally, there is motivation behind self-improvement and he is not informing you as to why his appearance is changing. It is a clear indication of him cheating.

6. He has ceased accompanying you to social events
Got the feeling you lone? If your man has stopped accompanying you to social events, or even inviting you, something may be coming up. People in love engagement tend to be proud of one another and want to share everything that comes up. If your man is avoiding you to going to parties, it is therefore likely that he has someone to spend time with and he does not want you to know. By not including you therefore means that he does not want you around

5. His Phone is a secret
Most of us are guilty of spending almost all our time on phones, but once your partner spends most of his free time on a device and not letting you know what he is doing, then question his reliability. He must be cheating on you. If he changes his phone password and doesn’t want you to know, then he has something he is hiding. Usually this is accompanied by him getting jumpy and overprotective with his phone.

4. He is emotionally and physically distant
All couples have that little cute quirks that makes their relationship unique. The gestures of care and love are what makes a relationship worthwhile. A drastic drop in attention and interest towards you is a red flag that he might be caring someone else. Feeling that you are now housemates instead of soul mates may be because he is preoccupied forming physical and emotional bonds with someone else.

3. When with you, He checks on other women
Nobody likes the feeling that they are not good enough and nobody likes knowing that their partner are checking out on other people. Men will tend to notice attractive women walking past them, the same case as us. There is a significant difference between noticing beauty and checking somebody when you are with your partner. It is a clear sign that he is cheating on you.

2. He ignores specific calls when you are together
Has your man ignored picking a call when you are together? Has this happened frequently? It might be someone he does not want you know about. This is especially true when the call has an unassigned name or if the assigned name is “work”. If he is avoiding the calls repeatedly, then probably he is cheating on you. Similarly if he picks up the call and walks away, then be suspicious.

1.Avoids you privately
If the bedroom business has gone from boom to bust, it is an indication he is getting action from somewhere. His failure to initiate intimacy or be receptive to your advances, then treat that as a red flag. If he usually gives lame excuses that he is tired or something else, then there is someone he is getting engaged with and does not want you anymore. A reality that someone is cheating can be noticed by sudden dried up love which may involve conscious withdrawal of physical intimacy

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