20 Things You Should Do To Make Your Relationship Last For Ever

There are many aspects to a relationship that will make it strong and last for 25+ years. Looks may seem to be important initially, but in the long run, they fade with age. There are some qualities that need to exist in a good strong relationship. These qualities should never change no matter what happens and if they do, then the relationship has no chance to last 25+ years.


It’s very important to know what keeps a relationship together through the good and the bad times, they don’t just happen, instead, you gotta make it happen. Most of the life’s happiness is determined by having a relationship with other people, by how well you get along with them. Always remember, it takes two hands to clap.

1. Begin and end each day together.

You just need to do some very simple things to make your relationship last for 25+ years. Just begin and end each day together, the rest will follow and any problems can be resolved when you both are at it together.

2. Accept each other as you are and don’t try to change that.

You can never fight with nature, hence, you must not try to change each other, instead focus on improvising the relationship. The moment you acknowledge your partner’s nature and force change on them, then there are all chances of this relationship extending beyond 25+ years.

3. Show appreciation and don’t take each other for granted.

In a relationship, never take each other for granted because the mere fact is, that you both chose each other to spend the rest of your life. Hence, it was a mutual decision made by you both, then why not understand this truth and appreciate one another’s qualities, rather than taking it for granted.

4. Check on each other often, even if you are having a busy day.

No matter, where you are or where you go or how busy you may be, always make it a point to call up or text and check on each other’s whereabouts. Find out what’s happening, how their day is passing, are they missing you or tell them how much you are missing them. This will make your bond stronger and lasting.

5. Be generous with compliments.

Don’t take a step back when it comes to complimenting your partner for the little things they do. Compliment them for a good cup of tea or the house is looking so neat and tidy or the food is smelling delicious. Be kind enough to generously share compliments.

6. Compromise and sacrifice in certain situations.

Every relationship that has crossed 25+ years has some compromises and sacrifices, without these, it can never survive. To make it work there must be an equal share from both the partners. Not compromising and sacrificing for one another will make you a negligent person and that will hurt your partner.

7. Don’t be judgemental.

Being judgmental is a flaw that inherits our nature, which goes hand in hand with fear and anger. Judging someone means you are looking down at their doings and not accepting their behavior, which builds resentment in them and will eventually crumble even the most intimate relationships or suffer for life-long.

8. Encourage each other.

When one gets bogged down in life and is in pain, then offering just the right note of love and encouragement is what matters. Even though you may sleep, live and have the same interests together. All you should do is to let them know you’re there, by giving a simple hug or patiently hearing them out.

9. Forgive and forget.

Forgiveness is one of the most important contributors to a healthy relationship. Couples who practice forgiveness are likely to enjoy more satisfying romantic relationships, which can last for 25+ years. No matter how close or incredible your partner is, remember, no one is perfect, we all have flaws and make mistakes.

10. Be open and honest.

Many couples deceive each other all the time. Honesty is a key component of a healthy relationship because it helps us avoid harmful breaches of trust, and allows us to live in reality as opposed to fantasy and to share this reality with someone else. You need to generate a steady flow of truth-telling between each other that will last.

11. Laugh together.

Laughing together proves that you have a stronger bond with each other and are able to easily overcome the stresses and conflicts in your relationship. Laughter costs nothing, and yet the benefits are massive, by laughing, giggling and guffawing with your partner, it increases happiness that will last for very long.

12. Be loyal and true to your partner.

Being loyal means being faithful to one’s oath, engagements or obligations, which comes out of love, devotion, dedication and commitment to the well being of the relationship. Being loyal means you should be respecting, siding, keeping confidences and their needs primary.

13. Let bygones be bygones.

What has become a past tense and you know that there is no turning back, you should let bygones be bygones. Whether it’s a past relationship or day to day issues that crop up and disturb the peace and harmony of the existing relationship. The show must go on and last for long, no matter what happens.

14. Treat each other with respect.

Respect in a relationship is reflected in how you treat each other on a daily basis. When you disagree or have an argument, yet you are able to respect and value each other’s opinions and feelings by having a fair fight. It’s not about control, but the freedom to be yourself and to be loved for who you are.

15. Support your partner.

When things go wrong in life then your loved one may tend to act out unconsciously, letting out whatever negative emotions has built in them. This is the moment they need the maximum support and you should be by there by their side ready to provide them the emotional support.

16. Surprise him/her and don’t be a miser at pampering.

Surprises add spark in a relationship because everyone wants a little change or something different. Surprising your partner should lead to greater intimacy, tender interactions, lighthearted fun, and relationship contentment. They get a high of a cherished feeling through the surprise and you get a good feeling too.

17. Trust each other.

Trust is a super important part of a healthy relationship, but many people struggle with it, as building trust happens gradually. It’s important to trust and be trusted, to open up and be vulnerable with each other. Trust is when words and behavior should match up.

18. Explore new places or do new things together.

A relationship develops an emotional bond by visiting places and doing new things, which keeps life interesting and spices things up. You should take a vacation, spend all your evenings watching Netflix, replace old things with something new, make Friday nights date night or rearrange your furniture.

19. Turn off your phone an hour before hitting the bed.

Bedtime is a very private affair. Let no one disturb and take away this moment from you. Hence, it’s advisable to switch off your phone and down your laptop before you hit the bed. Because a cell phone near should lead to nightmares, inability to sleep, and waking up with all the notification alarms.

20. Never go to bed angry.

It’s better to shut up when you can’t say anything sweet before going to bed. Try and resolve your differences before you wind up in bed at the end of the day. You should discuss the issues that are bothering, pray together if you’re religious, do anything before the lights go out. Isn’t this worth doing, rather going angrily to bed?


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