21 Body Language Signs That Mean He’s into You

Like men and women both, don’t say what they feel exactly. It is hard for a person to feel, process and communicate those feelings at the same time.


So one should not ignore the fact that 70% or more of ‘communication’s’ part is body language. Words literally fall short. So there are a few simple things about how a person moves, stands and comes on to you – that can tell you plenty of things.
When it comes to a person liking someone, their behavior towards them is very different in comparison to how they behave with other people. Their body language starts to show that they are interested in you.

If you see people who are already in a relationship and how they behave with each other – tells us how their relationship is with each other.

When you move on from the stage where you like a person to ‘start talking to them’ – you come on strongly.

1. His pupils dilate
There are different occasions when your eyes dilate, if you are in the dark or you looked at a loved one. When your pupils grow larger that means that you are into the person you are looking at.

2. He raises his eye brows
People raise their eye brows when they want to keep their eyes open. If you look at a person who you are attracted to, your eyes close. It’s a body reaction. If you are speaking to him, and he tends to do this – it means he is paying attention to what you have to say.

3. He flashes his front teeth.
Research tells us that boys stop smiling after the age of five unless they are genuinely happy. You might not see him smiling although he is chasing you but when you are on an amazing meaningful date, he will show his full smile.

4. He smiles like he means it
When he smiles like he means it, you can tell. His eyes will close and at times it might look like he is squint. If he smiling wholeheartedly then it means he really is into you.

5. He licks his lips in a very cute way.
When you are into someone, your mouth starts to make more saliva. And due to this, you automatically start licking you lips. Much like when a dog sees his food and it makes him happy. But don’t get him wrong, he is not doing it in a creepy way.

6. He doesn’t stare into your eye, but looks at your face.
You are wrong if you think that a guy will stare into your eyes if he is into you. He will look at your whole face and how you react to what he has to say to you. If his eye movement is from your eyes to your lips, then there is no question that he is not into you.

7. He starts to breathe a little deeply when he sees you
This way he makes himself look fit, and it’s a natural instinct as well. He is conscious around you and he wants to make an impression.

8. He tends to lean in your direction
Even if you guys are in a crowd, his attention is always towards you. It is not just where he is looking but his body will also lean towards you.

9. He places his hands on the side of his hips
This posture of standing takes up more space. This is a sign that men subconsciously deliver to other men that they are being protective and superior. This is also a sign that he is seeking attention from you.

10. He touches your knee
He wants to initiate some sort of physical contact with you. It is him testing waters, seeing how you would respond to it as he is also looking for affirmation. He will do it in the sweetest manner, with a smile on his face.

11. He sits in an open position
When a man is not protecting his private parts with his posture, it means he is being open to you and showing interest in you. This is a vulnerable position and it is in front of you and not anyone else.

12. His pelvis is always facing you
This is a sexual area and according to research if you are sexually interested in someone or even lack thereof – you will show it by how you position it.

13. His toes are in your direction
Feet are a part of the body that are most active in your ‘fight or flight’ response. When a person feels threatened, it is used to kick and this is largely controlled by the mind. But the direction your feet point towards means that you are into them.

14. Sits with his legs crossed.
If he sits in a posture where his torso is away from you that shows that he is not interested in you. But if he sits with his legs crossed and is relatively in your direction, he is showing that he likes you.

15. He shuffles towards you
This is plain and simple, he really wants to get to know you and be close to you.

16. He speaks to you without facing you
If you experience this behavior, it is a sign that he does not have his mind settled on you. He is keeping his options open. He likes you and at the same time is looking for more options.

17. He touches his neck region
The neck region, especially the throat is a vulnerable area and if a person is touching it subconsciously, it shows that he is interested in you. He is conscious in front of you to make an impression.

18. If he holds your hand, he makes sure that his palm touches yours.
There is no question in this that he really likes you and wants to connect with you. Similarly, if you interlock fingers and in a bent position – it means he is trying to hold back in some ways.

19. He slightly grazes your arm when he talks to you
Now you don’t even have to think twice about something like this – it could not be more obvious that he wants to connect to you and all his attention is towards you.

20. He walks next to you
If he walks ahead of you that certainly means that he is way more concerned about himself rather than you. It is an exception when he does that in a crowd, that way he is leading you through a place where he feels like he needs to protect you.

21. He touches his glasses
This shows that he is a tad bit nervous in front of you, and is interested in you. He keeps fixing his glasses because he does not want to look a certain way.


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