25 Tips For Pleasuring Your Man, Warning, Don’t Skip #6

1.Support Him
Men are more satisfied in their lives when they feel their woman supports them. That means listening to his ideas, encouraging him to shoot for the stars and not nagging him when he’s not doing something right. Communication and respect are EVERYTHING to him.


2. Cook For Him
Guys love when a woman cooks for them (if they’re good at it) so they go mental when she does it without any clothes. Give him a main course while previewing the desert (you), but make sure you don’t burn yourself while trying to be sexy.

3. Be Feminine
Men love when their woman is feminine, so it doesn’t really matter what you wear as long as it’s form fitting and appropriate for the occasion. It’s all about the attitude and confidence you give off, so make sure you feel comfortable around him at all times.

4. Men Love Quickies
Men love quickies, besides, when have you ever heard a man say no to sex? Even if it’s right before work, they love the spontaneous hookups you’re willing to have with him. You will never hear him complain about having TOO MUCH sex…

5. Take Control
Guys don’t always like being the conqueror, they like you to take control and tell them how bad you want them sometimes. Their is nothing better than a man knowing he has an awesome, powerful woman that’s not afraid to show her passionate side.

6. Be Casual (sometimes)
Men love when a woman wants to do something normal and chill, like drinking together and watching a funny movie. Showing him that you can be lowkey and don’t always need to be wine and dined means he can kick back and relax with you.

7. Surprise Him
You know the outfit of yours he really likes, so why not wear it when he gets home from work? Lingerie is the quickest way to get him excited, but a sexy dress does the trick even more. He wants to unwrap you like it’s Christmas and your the gift.

8. Be Naughty
lay with him in a public place, because there’s nothing naughtier than when people watch. If it’s in the grocery store, library or movie theater, he will want whatever you are sexually offering. Gurantee that day will stay on his mind for weeks, making him yearn for more.

9. Keep the lights on
You’re basically saying you don’t like your body when you suggest to have sex with the lights off, so change it up every now and then. He wants to see your face with pleasure on it as you guys make love in the light!

10. Give Him A Massage
After a long session of love making, help him get his strength back with a massage on their neck, shoulders, chest, and legs. He will think you are the queen of the world if he knows you’re willing to help him feel better and at ease after putting inso much work.

11. Make him feel Special
Remind him why you love hi, surprise him with a gift just as he’s done for you so many times. Initiate hand holding when you’re walking down the street, letting him know you are there and appreciate him. Men just want physical and emotional affection more than anything.

12. Don’t be a mess
Who wants to date a negative Nancy? Men want a woman that is personally happy and fulfilled before they start dating. Make sure your life is in order before you can give yourself to someone else, because he doesn’t want a project that needs a complete overhaul.

13. Take Interest in his Things
Take interest in the things he likes to do, even if you have zero interest in them. Just as he watches that romantic flick with you on the couch, you should take time to play video games or watch sports with him. Relationships are a two person job, so you must both put in the effort to integrate into one another’s lives.

14. Learn how to give good Hand Jobs
Nothing says you love him more than learning how to give a good hand job. You never know when you’ll need to whip out your skills to make him happy and no longer upset with you, so learning this skill is crucial!

15. Be a good friend to him
We all know women are much more expressive than men, but that doesn’t mean he’s ok with constant nagging and complaining about every little thing. Sometimes he just wants to sit back and chill with you, laughing and joking about stupid things.

16. Keep it Personal
Women are often very open about a lot of things, but there are certain opinions you should keep to yourself so he doesn’t curl into a ball and cry. Don’t tell your friends everything about your relationship, because you never know when they’ll blurt it out around your man, which can be extremely embarrassing for him.

17. Deep talks are necessary
Paranoia, selfishness and impatience are all things that can push him away faster than anything else. If you have an issue or suspicion, talk about it and let it go when you’ve both reached an agreement. Holding onto negative feelings will only tear you guys apart.

18. Sleep on his Chest
Men love to protect their woman, so something as simple as sleeping on his chest will bring you two closer than you’ll ever know. You are his, and he wants to take care of you for as long as he can.

19. Be Open-Minded
Try and be as open minded as you can, because he’s probably thinking of very kinky things he’d like to do with you. Threesomes, roleplay and tying each other up might be apart of the discussion you two have about deep dark fantasies.

20. Kiss Him
Kiss him anywhere you want and he will more than likely be turned on by it. Find out which areas get him excited the quickest, because those will be the easiest to achieve each and every time. Men love physical connection, so there is no such thing as too many smooches.

21. “That Time Of The Month”
Most boyfriends are absolutely fine having sex with you while it’s that time of the month, so don’t be embarrassed or freaked out when he asks to do it. This means he feels connected with you on an entirely different level, and doesn’t mind being extremely intimate with your body.

22. Spark Up The Relationship
How often do you show him a new environment to have fun in? Introduce him to a place or activity you think would be exciting and fun for both of you. Take him to a new restaurant with his favorite food, or a dancing spot with music you just know he’ll like. Spark up the relationship!

23. Show him your true self
Men like it when girls get all dressed up and put makeup on, but they love it even more when you go all natural and make up free. They want to see what you look like underneath all the glitz and glamour, because that lets them know the connection is real and genuine.

24. Make Eye Contact
Making eye contact and looking deep inside him lets him know that you will always be there, and no one can break the bond you two share. It’s you and him against the world.

25. Send him raunchy pictures
While he’s at work, send a tease photo of yourself that will have him obsessing over getting home all day long. It’ll be your little secret, and will drive him crazy while he’s away from you. Nothing like built up tension to keep him intrigued.


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