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Ovarian cancer is one medical condition that affects women in almost every country of the world.

For Instance, 30% of the deaths in Canada is caused by ovarian cancer.

You might be wondering, what is ovarian cancer? What are the symptoms?

Let’s see what it means.

Ovarian cancer is a medical condition that develops when ovary cells form tumours that are deadly. Ovarian cancer is also known as ‘the silent killer’ because its symptoms are hardly noticeable.

This type of cancer mostly affects women who are in the menopause stage, however it has been recently discovered that Ovarian cancer also affects younger women who are in their 30s and 40s. Recent studies have shown that if ovarian cancer is detected early, the chances of survival are high. That means, it’s important for women to always do regular check-ups.

However, not all tests are accurate, CA125 blood tests can give you wrong negative results. Most symptoms of ovarian cancer are like that of the irritable bowel syndrome, so the tumour might not be noticed until stage 3.

In this article, we’ll show you 4 early symptoms of ovarian cancer which will help you stay observant.

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