5 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Loves You


#1. He’s Trying To Make You Jealous

If he seems more annoying lately like if he brings a new girl to a place where he knows you will be, it is a sign that he wants to make you jealous. Showing off his new girlfriend in front of you or rubbing her in your face means he still cares about what you think.

When guys try that hard to get a reaction out of you, they are either bullying you or they care about you.

#2. He’s Nice One Day And Cold The Next

Change of behaviour by the day means that he has unresolved feelings towards you. The end of a relationship means that you no longer care about the other person; you are sort of indifferent towards them in a cordial manner.

So if they have fluctuating behaviour towards you, it might mean that they are trying to work through their feelings towards you. That feeling of not being able to settle down with your heart shows that he is still not over you. He hasn’t let you go.

#3. He Follows All Your Moves

If he still cares about you, that is the only reason why he would keep tabs on you. He still feels like you are his responsibility.

So if he is stalking you on social media, asking people about you, talking about you or showing up where he knows you might be, it means that he still loves you.

#4. He Contacts You By Text & Phone

He hasn’t let you go. He will say that in honor of the time you guys spent together, you should stay connected. So he will call you, text you and tag you in social media posts. It means that he can’t stop thinking about you and still wants to have you in his life.

#5. He Keeps In Contact With Your Family And Friends

This sign doesn’t hold true if you guys have mutuals.
However if he is keeping in contact with people that he knew just because of you, he might be trying to stay updated on you.

And if so, it means that he still wants you back.


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