We all know that women include many things in their everyday routine in order to appear more attractive.It may sound strange to you, but they should also include the old technique of massaging their breasts because this massage provides many health benefits. It helps to increase blood circulation in the breast which helps them to grow.


Benefits Of Breast Massage:

-Decrease the risks of fibroids, cysts andcancer.massaging your breasts can save your life since you will notice tissue changes quicker and attack diseases like cancer at its first stage. The massage is able to remove toxins. and also can heal cancer.-Enlarge breasts size.Breast size is mostly influenced by hormones.  With application of oils, the process of breast enlargement by massage can become faster.-Prevent sagging and improve shape.Due to the fact that there are no muscles in breast tissue, the only method of getting better shaped breasts is massage. It will improve circulation will tone up the tissues and will tighten the sagging skin.-Relieve pain and discomfort.Many women experience discomfort in their breast during menstruation. In order to help yourself relieve that tension, massage your breasts and the increased circulation of blood and lymph will relieve you of pain in that area. The effect will appear quicker if you add a few drops of soothing essential oil, such as chamomile, to the massage oil or cream.-Reduce scars and improve skin tone.Breast massage is always recommended for women who have undergone breast surgery. Lymph drainage in this area encourages healthy healing of the scars and reduces post-surgery discomfort. Massage with certain oils can also help to minimize old scars and stretch marks, giving your skinsmoothness and even colour.-Prevent and decrease wrinkles.In order to make your breast skin smooth and shining, make sure to massage them on regular basis because the increased circulation in breast tissue will cause cells to regenerate.


Use oil

By using oil  you can not only give the breasts the essential nutrients that it requires but also help yourself by lubricating the area. This will help the hands move in perfect movements and give you a smooth massage.

Warm Hands

Prior to massaging your breasts, apply some cream or oil onto your hands, rub them together  until they feel warm and then massage them.Rub BreastsAs a matter of first importance, put your hands on your breasts and delicately rub them using a roundabout movements. Move your correct hand clockwise and your left one counter-clockwise.

Be Gentle

Be very gentle while massaging your breasts since the area is very sensitive and you wouldn’t want to create a negative effect from your massage.


Repeat this technique 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening in order to achieve optimal results. You should only spend 10  minutes a day to perform this treatment.


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