6 Things Our Exes Teach Us – Without Us Realizing

We all know breakups are the worse. You invest time, money and effort into a person, and all of that ends up in nothing but grains of sand. But is it really nothing that we get out of brutal breakups?

If we believe the saying that failure is a teacher, our relationships will be the greatest of teachers we’ve ever had.

After every breakup, if you start asking yourself about what you learnt from that, the failure of the relationship might not seem as an entirely useless experience. And it teaches you the mistakes you made this time around and prevents you from making them again next time.

But regardless of any benefit it might have, moving on is always easier said than done. Here are 5 reasons to help you turn your bad breakup experience into one of thankfulness rather than one where you harbor bitterness and hate. These show us why we should treat our failed relationships as lessons that we learnt.
1. Exes make us better in our next relationships.

Our exes make us our better selves, because after we’re done with them, we keep thinking about them and picture all the various scenarios that could’ve been. These ‘what if’ questions teach us enough about what we did wrong and how we could’ve made it better.

These questions equip us for better understanding how we should’ve reacted in certain situations and that can make our next relationship smoother. Such experiences also teach us the mistakes that we should not repeat.

Think about situations where you messed up bad, and think of how you could’ve dealt with it like a pro. Next time, be that pro.
Constantly improving yourself is an essential part of finding the love of your life.

2. They make us better in the bedroom, too.

We may be experienced, or passionate, or in love but sex being a skill can’t be denied. And like every skill, practice makes perfect. The younger you will definitely be terrible in bed compared to the older, more experienced you.

Every skill and all the practice you had, were with your ex. So along with becoming a better person, you become better in bad as well. A definite point to be thankful about. Your ex did make you a rockstar.

3. They help us learn what we want in a relationship

Our exes teach us what exactly we require from a relationship. The heartbreaks that come with a breakup remind us of all the good times you’ve had, which teach you what you really prize in a relationship.

Those sad memories are hints at what you really enjoyed in the relationship and can be guiding stars for you to figure out what you really need from a relationship.
4. They help us find out what we DON’T want, as well.

There are times when we are blinded by our wants. We simply wish for whatever we think we want, without properly thinking it through. There goes the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’, but this saying isn’t particularly useful because we can’t know what is bad for us until we try it.

You may be attracted to the macho type of guy, but later you realize you wanted someone who was more caring.

This is what failing relationships teach us about what we shouldn’t be wanting.
5. They enter our lives to help us grow as a person

Even being with them is helpful. It makes us grow while we’re in the relationship. We learn to handle difficult people, learn new things, and most of all, learn about our emotions. So, we are actually growing just by being in a relationship. If it’s a really bad relationship, all the more lessons to be learnt.

6. They leaving our lives so we can find someone better

If you’re out of a relationship, you’ll definitely have thought how glad you are after getting out.

This is something you hardly realize when breaking up, but later on you find out how it was never meant to be and you guys would’ve eventually fallen apart. So the relationship failing is really a blessing in disguise which allows you to get back up and go out there with higher hopes.

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