7 Reasons Why Men Prefer Non-Virgins Over Virgins

So let’s get down to the root of this cause. Why is that man tend to not want to date women who have not lost their virginity? And before we start, women need to understand that men are less emotional and more about visual. Men are sexually driver towards a lot of things. The sooner women understand this, the sooner they will get how men function better. First priority is how good the ass is and now how the personality is. But don’t get me wrong, this is the initial stages, not the later stages. Everyone at the end of the day wants a companion who is loving and has a strong personality.


Now let’s jot down the reasons why that happens.

1: The stereotype
There is a particular stereotype attached to all virgins that they are a certain way. We all know how everyone is different and any kind of stereotypes should not exist. Men tend to think that women who are virgins tend to be prude, naïve, cautious and always tend to play hard to get.

So men find it a hassle to date one. It is not just a hassle but somewhat a burden too. You constantly have to plead to move forward sexually with a virgin. When a man thinks from a sexual perspective, virgins come across as very picky and conscious about all the advances that men make.

2: The frosting on the cake
In the beginning, a man is just chasing a girl and his feelings are strong towards them. They very easily ignore how the girl said that she is a virgin and plans to stay that way. When the initial fever gets done with, that is when reality hits them. Let me get this down, when I was a young boy I have plenty of girlfriends and I had no interest in dating them or wanting them more than just friends. I was too caught up with studies and sports. Then as I grew a little older, things changed. I met a few seniors at the hostel who made me discover what porn was.

The girl’s expectations get really high and start to think that he wants her for who she is and not for sex but later on, disappointment follows with his impatience. The sexual tension starts taking a toll on their relationship and falls apart. He wants her to just give it up to him otherwise he will just go somewhere else. There are very few men out there who look at the long run and want to be patient for sex.

3: Cling with golem hands
I remember this really hot girl back in the day who requested me to take her virginity. She was really hot and at the time I had no reservations in doing so. But once a man sleeps with a virgin, she will we remember you for the rest of her life. Due to the chemicals released by the body- which make you bond as a couple makes you clingy.

A girl who kept her virginity for so long will obviously cling to you and feel something that she has not felt before. The devotion and love increases by a mile. And guys can’t handle it for a very long time because they feel very different.

4: Flood-gate Opening
So coming back to the girl who I slept with and took her virginity, so she ended up having sex with 5 more guys because she was enjoying it so much. And she slept with them within the span of a year. So clearly the floodgates had opened like it’s no one’s business.

I thought to myself about how I was the one responsible for all of that. If I didn’t take her virginity, she wouldn’t be sleeping with so many different people in such a less time span. That’s too much stress to take.

5: Impatience
I will give you another example of a guy who started dating this girl who was not a virgin. It had only been a few days that they started dating and they were at it. They go on an amazing sexual adventure together as both of them are not virgins. On another hand, a guy is dating a virgin who would just refuse to give it up. She turns him down every try he makes, but one day she gives up. But he has to talk to her through all the process and make sure he doesn’t hurt her.

How it should not be painful and should go smoothly. The first few experiences turn out to be really painful and not a good experience at all. Sex for the guy becomes very uneventful. And finally, when both these guys meet each other and share their stories, the other one tells him not to take that stress.

6: Heartbreak
So this is my story, I hope the girl never gets to read it but I need to use it as an example to make my point clear. So she was really beautiful and when I made a few sex moves on her, she kinda put me down. So I stopped bothering about it altogether. So when that happened, she just gave me a timeline- that we will date for a year and then I can do it with her. When we were getting to a year completion we started to have a lot of disagreements. But as the year was up and she was ready to do it – I didn’t go ahead with it.

What was the point of sleeping with her if I didn’t plan to stick around in the relationship? I would have hurt her even more and taken her virginity. That would just be a horrible experience and intense heartbreak. Years down the line I met her when she was no longer a virgin and we ended up hooking up a few times. Now things were more playful and light and I didn’t even break her heart.

7: Flings
Now the most important reason out of all of them, why guys do not want to mess with virgins – because they are not looking or a long-term thing. A guy who sees beyond sex will exist the same way that women who look beyond money will also. And I talk about women here not men. I did all I could to not end up dating a virgin for multiple reasons. I had my share of relationships before reaching this conclusion but at the same, I also found a lot of guys feeling the same way.

Let’s cut to the chase, I ended up having sex six years later to that. How I lost my virginity, and for the lack of not trying hard enough. I wonder what held me back to all those things, but it made me grow and it gave me a stronger perspective. When I first got done with my V card, I started to find myself in a place where I didn’t like virgins.


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