Her 8 Obvious Body Signs That She Needs You on Bed NOW

Human beings crave intimacy. Nothing is more important in life than fostering relationships with friends and family, and seeking companionship is key to a happy, healthy life. Sexual relationships can be complicated—and women can be hard to read—but it turns out that they are sending more signals than you realize!


If your love interest starting doing what’s in slide #3, drop everything and take her!

8. She’s Always In Need Of An Aspirin

Women that constantly experience headaches may need to hit the sack. Sex increases the production of the chemical oxytocin, which leads to the release of endorphins. Sex serves as a natural pain-killer—so it may be time to get it on!

7. Her Skin Seems To Be Acting Up

Acne and irritated skin may be a sign that she hasn’t been intimate for quite some time. Progesterone is released in a woman’s body during intercourse and low progesterone can lead to acne flare-ups. If her skin is constantly acting up it may mean she is ready to get physical!

6. The Youthful Glow Is Missing From Her Skin

Seeing more wrinkles pop up on her complexion? Women who have sex regularly can maintain the health of their skin easily because sexual contact can increase the production of collagen. Collagen keeps her skin smooth and strong against damage, so spending quality time in the bedroom may be just what she needs!

5. Constantly Getting Sick Can Be A Cry For Intimacy

Is your woman always feeling under the weather? A lack of sex can decrease antiviral antibodies in a woman’s body by up to 30 percent. The easy solution? Staying sexually active for better health!

4. Forgetfulness Can Mean She Needs Sexual Contact

The blood flow to the brain during sex can improve a woman’s memory and her ability to retain information. If you notice that your love interest seems spaced out and forgetful, she may just need a quick sex session to jog her memory. Pencil in some alone time and aid her brain health!

3. Low Self-Confidence Can Be Cured In The Bedroom

If a woman hasn’t had sexual contact with someone in awhile, she may begin to have poor body image. A sure way to boost your lady’s self-esteem is to show her that she is wanted—especially sexually.

The solution to slide #1 may be hitting the snooze button!

2. Her Social Life Has Been Less Than Active

Was your woman once a social butterfly, but now she rarely meets up with friends? The act of sex releases endorphins, which cause us to feel happiness. Your lover may just need some loving to get back to her social ways, and a little one-on-one can get her feeling like herself again!

1. Insomnia Is Her Biggest Issue

If she is tossing and turning all night no matter how tired she is, there may be something you can do to help. The release of oxytocin during sex can relax and soothe you, making it better than any sleeping pill on the market.

Time to get it on for a better night’s sleep!


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