8 Terrible Mistakes That Make You Lose Your Girlfriend

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1. Not Trusting Her
Trust is the basic ingredient when it comes to making relationships last for decades. Both the partners want they should be trusted and their needs must be understood. This is for guys that if you have doubts or don’t trust your girl, she may not be there with you in the offing. When the trust ends, a relationship is as weak as a thread.

2. Jealous Mood
Jealousy kills not only the person himself/herself, it destroys the relationship with others as well. And when it comes to the girlfriend of a man, he needs to be kind and avoid jealousy mood. It’s understandable that you may be in a bad mood sometimes, but wearing the coat of jealousy all time is harmful. It makes your girl feel you are not the right man for her.

3. Not Respecting Her
Everyone in this world wants to be respected. It goes both ways, girls and boys want their partners to be respectful towards them. When you are not going to show respect for your girl, she will think to separate her ways. No girl bears a violent man and that when he is abusive or disrespectful.

4. Being Too Sentimental
This feels really good to fall in love and then showing that love and affection are obviously important. But, every time!? Getting too much sentimental is only going to make your partner get irritated, so it’s good to control a little.

5. Not Making Her Feel Secure
All your girlfriend wants is the perfect sense of security. When you fail to make your girl feel secure with you, she will definitely move away. So give her the sense of protection and this is what defines a man.

6. Ignoring Her
We see people passionate in the beginning of their relationships but they start losing this tempo with the passage of time. It happens everywhere and if you are ignoring your girl, she can’t live with you anymore. This is what every person finds offensive and the true meaning of the relationship vanishes when the either partner ignores the 2nd person.

7. Playing With Her Independence
Given the independent woman that she is, she would never want to rely on anyone for her business or life in general. The paradox, however, is that if ever there is a moment in time when you make her feel that you shall abandon her or leave her alone during her testing times, you may just lose her respect. She expects her man to be brave and strong enough to protect when it gets to that. Your loss again could have been someone else’s gain. Maybe he didn’t pick up the word and march into the battlefield for her, guess she never wanted anyone to do that for her, she can manage that. Just the fact that he could convey that he is right there, he will not abandon her and would stand tall till she resolves her stress.

8. Not Caring About Her Satisfaction
This is all about sexual desires and your girl will not mind breaking up if you are a guy who never cares about her satisfaction. Sex is something that should have mutual enjoyment and both the partners have benefits. Always take care of your girl’s sexual desires otherwise it’s over for you.

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