Agonizing INTERCOURSE Moments That Prove Your Relationship Is Strong

Believe it or not, awkward sex moments can make or break a budding relationship. In some cases, having sex that is really awkward might even make longtime partners consider splitting up. That’s why couples that can actually say they’ve survived awkward sex are often stronger for it – and tend to laugh it off afterward. How awkward does sex have to be before it becomes proof that you two love each other? Well, there’s no real way to tell. However, if you two survived any of these moments, it’s safe to say you’ve proven your relationship to be very strong.


Calling Out The Wrong Name During Sex.

Okay, this may actually be a sign that something breakup-inducing is going on. Moreover, there are not many ways that you can un-awkward something like this. If you two are able to talk things out and ascertain that you’re loyal to one another, then you’re probably in it for the long run.

A Moment When You’re Both Not Into It Anymore.

Ever had one of those sex sessions that just petered out before either of you were able to climax? Yes, it happens to everyone at least once. A good sign of strong communication between the two of you is when you’re able to comfortably say, “Dude, I don’t think either of us is feeling this, right now. Let’s watch Netflix instead.”

Crying After Sex.

Though sex is a very emotional act, most people can’t handle seeing their partner get *too* emotional. That’s why it’s often cripplingly awkward to see a partner cry or get very emotional after sex. A couple that can handle seeing one another crying after an intimate moment is a couple that definitely has what it takes to go the distance.

A Botched Threesome.

Not all threesomes are made of the super sexy stuff you’d read about in Penthouse. In some cases, a botched threesome might ignite feelings of extreme jealousy, resentment, or even be proof that a partner is cheating. If you’re able to actually fully overcome the emotional fallout of a threesome that didn’t quite turn out well, it’s safe to say that you two have an exceptionally strong bond that few do.

Very Premature Ejaculation.

Every guy has had a moment where the sex lasted under a minute before he came. For some guys, that alone is enough to make them feel too ashamed and embarrassed to actually approach the girl again. With this moment, there are very few things a girl can say or do to help him out. If she’s able to help him overcome his embarrassment, that’s a great sign of their ability to work it out.

Being Unable To Orgasm.

Sex isn’t always about getting off, but there are moments where it really does feel like a race to the finish line. When you’ve been boning for about two hours and there’s no end in sight, it’s hard not to take it as a personal insult of sorts. Couples who know how to handle these obstacles are able to handle a lot more. After all, they’re patient enough to work it out.

Getting Caught By Someone Else.

To be fair, some people are pretty mellow about catching a couple in the act. Other people, on the other hand, just aren’t and will make sure to embarrass you and freak out about it. Assuming that you’re dealing with someone who has freaked out at you, actually taking care of the situation as a couple and overcoming it is a testament to your social skills together.

Unexpected Body Fluids.

Sometimes, sex gets grossly messy – as in, blood, urine, or feces. Some people can handle it, others will just never call again. If your partner loves you enough to help you clean up the mess, it’s safe to say that you two were probably meant to be together for a while.

A Pregnancy Scare.

Even when the pregnancy test turned out to be negative or false positive, many couples simply do not survive a pregnancy scare. Pregnancy raises a lot of emotions and a lot of panics, particularly in men. If the two of you were able to handle a possible pregnancy together, it’s a good sign that you two should stay together. Not everyone can handle it with a clear head.

Broaching A Very Taboo Fetish.

Nothing quite shows how much you trust your partners like telling them a fetish or a kink that most people would recoil at. A couple that can bond together over extreme bondage is a couple that many people secretly wish they were half off. After all, it takes a serious amount of openness to actually get into that stuff.

Getting Caught Masturbating To Something Weird.

The weird thing about the internet is that it makes it really easy to find funky adult content that would make a normal person raise an eyebrow. Somehow, the net also seems to make that one weird film involving tentacle monsters and centaurs really sexy too…Well, needless to say, anyone who will stay with you after they see your browser history probably should be the person you marry.

Getting Hospitalized Due To Sex.

If you’ve ever had to awkwardly sit beside your partner while you explain how an injury happened while you’re going at it, you’ll understand the sheer level of cringe this experience can induce. Few couples can honestly say that they can go through this and still love one another. If you did it, congrats. You are really awesome together.

Farting During Sex.

Some people legitimately will break up over some gross noise that happens during sex. If you’ve managed to have this happen and were able to just laugh it off without skipping a beat, you and your partner really do find one another to be seriously attractive – and that’s an awesome thing to say.

Being Unable To Get It On.

Even the most virile men will have moments where their equipment stops being able to do what it’s supposed to do. In some cases, that equipment failure can last weeks or even months. If the two of you have managed to overcome a ton of false starts without feeling upset, resentful, or guilty, it’s a sign that you two have a good relationship.

Being Openly Insecure During Sex. We all have insecurities – every single one of us, including Brad Pitt. In many cases, a person who actually gets insecure during sex may end up scaring away partners by doing so. However, if a partner actually stays, that says loads about how much they like you and how much they care. It can turn into a bonding moment from which the relationship will benefit.


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