Attention Ladies: This Habit You Regularly Do In The Bathroom Doubles The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer

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Women are naturally vain especially when it comes to personal hygiene. The huge number of feminine wash product and wipes is a proof that most women would always want to maintain feeling fresh and clean down there.

But did you know that one of the habits done by women to keep their private part clean could actually put their lives at risk?

A study done by National Institute of Science is the first to link ovarian cancer to a certain habit of women which is reportedly practiced by millions of women around the world.

Ovarian cancer is often tagged as a “silent killer” as patients who are diagnosed with this kind of disease does not experience or feel any symptoms until it has gone worse and could no longer be cured.

This said habit that is causing women to develop ovarian cancer is the habit of frequent washing of private part which a lot of women think is necessary and would make them cleaner and healthier.

Most doctors would not recommend frequent washing especially squirting of water or fluids into the vagina as it causes to destroy the natural balance of healthy bacteria in the private part making it prone to infections.

Another study shows that 29% of 232 participants admitted that they regularly wash their vagina while 57% does the opposite. The study revealed that most of the 29% who are flushing their private part with water leads to cases related to pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, fungal infection, and reduced fertility.

University of California epidemiology professor Joelle Brown said that she was also surprised with the study that links douching to development of ovarian cancer.

Despite these studies and gynecologist suggestion not to practice douching on women’s private part, many continue to do it thinking only about better hygiene instead of thinking about the long-term result.

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