Boy Suffers from Unknown Deadly Disease with No Cure!

Being a mother to a sick child can be heartbreaking. Mothers often feel helpless when they are watching their children deal with an illness.


Mandy Suzanne Smith noticed that her son, Zachary, had poison oak when she picked him up from school. She took her son to the doctor the next day because the rash had covered his entire body. He also had a fever.

The doctors thought that Zachary was suffering from some type of viral infection. They prescribed him antiviral medications, but they were not working. The doctors later discovered that the boy had Steven Johnson Syndrome, or SJS.

This condition causes the epidermis to separate from the dermis. Zachary spent four days in the hospital. His condition continued to deteriorate, and his mother was looking for answers.

Zachary was taken to another hospital, which was two hours away. Mandy stated that it was difficult watching her son fight this illness because she knew that there was nothing she could do.

When Zachary arrived at the hospital, doctors wrapped his body in biobrane and put him a medically-induced coma. He spent one month in the hospital, and he is healing well.

Zachary told his mom that he was not asleep while he was in a coma. He said that an angel named Samson held him.


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