7 Signs it’s Lust Not Love

Certainly, they ignite fire within you and you cannot breathe for the passion that keeps you up at night, but is that what it is? Passion? Love? Or instead, just one of the baser emotions? Could it possibly be lust? I suppose, for me, the first clue should have been …

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6 Reasons Men Leave The Women They Love

Falling in love takes a lot of courage particularly for men. When a man is in love he thinks about the future suffering that can occur as a result of him opening up to his partner. Men rarely dive in fully; they usually take small steps to “test the water” …

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15 Smart Ways to Make Him All Yours

So you know you like this guy and he is even showing you some attention, how can you tell if he’s also into someone else? Well there is no positive way, but there are ways to make sure that he chooses you over every girl! Scroll on to find out! …

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