12 Things Men Find Annoying in Women

When we discuss the life of recently marrying couples, there are numerous things to appreciate and value however there are a few sections of it which drive us up the wall. Folks can disturb by being sluggish in keeping the latrine top close, putting a wet towel on that new …

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10 Ways Stores Are Trying to FOOL You

Isn’t capitalism a beautiful thing? Much akin to an unrequited lover who may abuse you only for you to enjoy the pain by the end. Sound tragic? Well it really is, pal. All or most of us and happy in the sheltered knowledge that we are getting off with great …

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14 Oddly Satisfying Things All Women Do

1. Cupping your own boobs, for both warmth and comfort. Grabbing your own boob is the best thing ever. Words can’t describe how comforting it is to slip your hand under your shirt and hold on to your boobs. 2. Releasing your cheeks from the discomfort of a wedgie. 3. …

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