Who Dies If ‘E’ Pushes the Stone? Take This Test

Are you a puzzle person? Can you spend hours trying to find the solution for the mind boggling puzzles? Well if yes then the following mind boggling puzzle is just for you. Let’s see how good you are at solving this one. There might be more than one possible solution for this puzzle so do not worry if you do not get the first answer right! Just scroll through and you might find the right solution to this puzzle!

Who dies when “E” pushes the stone

Looking at this picture can you tell what happens when “E” pushes the stone down the slope? Are you stupefied seeing so many people in the picture? Do not worry these people are just there for you to kill them first with the stone falling on them, so go on try to kill the one you do not like. Focus on the picture for a good one to two minutes and then try to analyze that who might end up dying first when “E” pushes the stone. Try to remember all the physics concepts you have studied in your initial years of schooling and the logical aspects of this puzzle as well. Done? Have you given up already or are you ready to take up this challenge? Let’s see the possible answers and see which one was yours whether it is the correct one.

Possible answers
Answer 1
It is possible that “D” dies first when the stone is pushed. Seems like our person “E” has some deep grudge against this person so this person has to die first. Poor D. Then it is also possible that “C” ends up dying as well as the stone hits the balance underneath which C is lying. Another possibility is that instead of being killed by the stone “E” is originally rolling out “D” ends up dying with that other stone which is lying on the balance. This person “D” is the most exploited person and has to die any ways and with both of the stones for being in the death trap.

Answer 2

After killing person “C” and “D” the first stone hits the balance. As a result the other stone which is lying on the balance might just jump upwards and hit “E” in the end as well. So this proves that “E” is going to fall in the ditch dug by his own self. Three persons end up losing their lives due to the stone being rolled out.

Answer 3
There is a possibility that the stone hits the balance causing the other stone to jump and hit person B causing his death. We might end up with three casualties here because “C”, “D” and “B” dies. This one stone is responsible for so many deaths how many of you are wondering about this?

Answer 4

Okay so this time all the persons can end up losing their loves due to this massive stone. After killing “C”, “D” and “B” the stone can kill “A” as well. Let’s see how! The correct answer is that the other stone can surge upwards so high that it ends up hitting person “A” and he dies in the entire process. In the end this stone can now rest in peace since it has killed all the people in question! Way to

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