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One process which is very delicate among women is pregnancy. If there is anything that tempers with the reproductive organs then infertility may appear.  The subject of conceding twin girls is a bit bizarre for discussion. There is a question whether it is really possible for a woman to plan to get twin girls naturally without any artificial methods. Some people say that there are methods which can lead to the conception of twin girls without the involvement of any genetic factors.

There are two challenges that are involved in getting pregnant with twin girls. One of them is conceiving twins, and the other one, conceiving twin girls. If the right steps are followed, these things can be well taken care of.

  • Genetic factors – it is easy for a woman to get twins if she is genetically predisposed. If she has many twins in her family, then there is a high possibility of conceiving twins naturally.
  • Yam – a lot of experts recommend the intake of yam for conceiving twins as it increases woman’s fertility and improves the ovulation process. This increases the chances of getting twins. Start with its consumption at least 3 months before you plan your pregnancy. By that time, the ovulation cycle will be perfect and the body will be ready for attaining pregnancy. You should continue to intake yam as much as you can until your pregnancy. This is a matter of luck and you should not expect too much as the results might turn disappointing.

  • Weight and age factor – overweight women will have greater hormone production in their bodies that is a plus point if you plan on having twins. There are also disadvantages of being overweight during and before pregnancy, so be cautious. Women with BMI above 30 have chances of getting twin babies. Age is another great role in twins’ conception as older women have better chances of conceiving twins.
  • Sperm characteristics and ovulation – it is very significant to check the characteristics of a female sperm. They are heavier, live longer (72 hours), and are slower and more passive swimmers. Male sperms swim faster and live only 24 hours. The sexual union must be planned 2-3 days before the ovulation, making the female sperms wait for the egg to mature and fertilize the egg. In the meantime, all the male sperms will be gone and you will get only twin girls.

  • Acidic environment – female sperms can live longer in acidic environment, thus having acidic food before ovulation will aid in body acidity, reducing the mortality of female sperms, producing female twins.

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