Gross Things That Happen to Your Body When You Don’t Shower for 2 Days!

We’ve all been there – no shower for a couple of days, and all we ever question is our cleanliness. But there’s more to it than just greasy and unmanageable hair. There are times when we deliberately wait long before we hit the bathtub. After all, we just showered two days ago, right? Wrong.


It is what you’ll look like after two days of not showering. Okay, maybe not as bad but still close enough.

But this doesn’t mean you need to shower every 3 hours all day long. That’s not advised either as too frequent showering can hamper the essential oils that are needed to keep the skin perfectly moisturized.

The point is, showering keeps your body healthy along with keeping it clean. And we smell nice too.

Here are a few gross and irritating things that happen when you keep away from the essential water requirements.

Imagine your cardio regime and the gallons of sweat you produce while exercising. Now imagine not washing away all that grime and greasy sweat and just delaying the mandatory shower after. You have probably figured out how gross your body will be. Along with that, evading showers end up in dirt and sweat gathering on your skin. *Ewwww!*

Millions of different types of bacteria can find refuge on your skin. And if you’re not showering, you’re providing them with the free property. So they start multiplying and populating your armpits. Very soon, you are housing an entire germ-dom with almost a 1000 different types of bacteria. So it’s even more essential to use soaps as well while showering.

The more time you go without a shower, the more bacteria you’re garnering on your skin. Though all of it isn’t bad, most of it is. And if you let them grow, chances are they can infect your skin and wounds. Be aware.

When you’re not showering regularly, you’re also gathering dead skin cells for yourself. Under this dead skin, oil can accumulate which causes pimples. All of that filth can give you a pimple party, at the cost of a few missed showers. Voila!

It’s not the sweat alone that is smelly; it’s the bacteria coupled with the sweat that make the smell so bad. Hence, a cleaner skin means you do not smell bad. And you’re instantly less offensive to those around you.

It takes quite a few days for the crusts of sweat and dirt to develop on your skin. It’s called ‘dermatitis neglect.’ It occurs when the dirt and sweat from a caked layer of your skin. If there’s anything that looks gross, it’s this.

Along with these notorious skin infections, an excess of bacteria on your body makes you sick. The bacteria can enter your eyes, nose or mouth and can cause unexpected illnesses. Nobody wants to get sick just because they couldn’t keep some small bacteria off of their skin.

Not showering can also cause rashes on the skin and cause other skin conditions to be aggravated. If you have some faint hints of eczema, not showering can soon have you scratching everywhere, all the time. It gets even worse than this, and you can even get small lacerations on your skin.

If you’ve had eczema, you know it’s not fun. The red itch can quickly become your worst nightmare. And it’s made into a monster the moment you stop showering regularly. The baths keep the skin moist, and when you do not have them, the itch gets worse.

Most people complain of unmanageable hair after two days of not showering. And these shower-less days also make your hair oily and greasy. Not the best way to woo those women or men.

Some of these were obvious, but the others were unexpected.

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