In Case You Have A Lump On Your Back, Neck Or Behind The Ear, You Must Know This

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Epidermoid cysts are common occurrence for numerous people. Some people refer to the epidermoid cysts as sebaceous cysts, but this is a common mistake.

The Mayo Clinic claims that the real sebaceous cysts are uncommon and originate from the sebaceous glands which are lubricating the hair and skin.

They are usually painless, and they do not often require treatment. However, sometimes infection or appearance could lead to people to decide to remove it.

While there are certainly medical facilities that are able to handle the removal, there are lots of people who opt for a more natural approach to healing. Here are some of those options.


Fortunately, some home remedies are able to help you in removing the skin cyst. Here are some tips:


The acetic acid that the apple cider vinegar contains proves to be the helpful agent in fighting cysts. It works to protect the skin from bacteria and it is also able to kill the infection brought on by the cyst.

You simply need to apply the vinegar directly to the infected area and cover it using a bandage.

The same process has to be done every day, for a period of one week until a hard layer of skin forms over the cyst. Remove the hard layer in order to allow the cyst to drain. Keep the area clean and after a week, new skin is going to start growing.


A tablespoon of dandelion mixed with viola has the ability to battle with infection brought on by cysts. Simply seep the dandelion mixture in boiling water for around 45 minutes. Strain the mixture and drink it up to 4 times per day for about 10 days. You can even use this natural solution to apply directly to the cysts for added relief.


Epsom salt has the possibility to soothe the infected skin. You need to fill a bathtub with water and use a generous amount of salt. Immerse yourself in the tub allowing the salt to relieve the pain and swelling associated with the cyst.


Aloe Vera is used like a soothing agent for various skin conditions. You can apply the inner gel from the plant directly to the cyst or for faster results. Additionally, you can drink Aloe Vera juice.


Milk is the perfect option for cyst removal. Simply soak one tea bag in milk and put it on the cyst during the night. With repeated application, the cyst is going to shrink and heal faster.


A paste made with honey, banana and wheatgrass was proved to be helpful for removing cysts. Put the paste directly on the cyst and cover with a cloth during the night. Regular application is going to lead to a faster recovery.


For instant reduction in size, heat and castor oil could do the trick. Apply castor oil directly on the cyst and cover with a hot bag of water or cloth. During the night, the cyst will get smaller.

Epidermoid cysts are very common and they usually should not be cause for alarm. However, in case your cyst ruptures, becomes infected, or is a source of pain, then you need to seek medical attention.

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