Every father becomes afraid when it comes down to things which are related with his daughter. Depending on the life itself, unfortunately, many or those situations come sooner or later.


Let’s hope that no one of us is going to face the problem that one father faced, when he went to pick up his daughter from school.

Normally, first he asked her about her school day, how it was and what were they doing and learning. As she was still at grade school, the father expected to tell him stories of alphabetic learning and human virtues, as well as values such as sharing and caring about other people.

But she started speaking excitingly, and here is what she told him:

“Today,” she said proudly, “we learned that boys are different from girls!”

Then her father looked at her and he was astonished. She continued:

“My teacher said that boys have a thing that girls don’t”.

Her father, slightly disturbed, replied: “Ah…yes, well that is true,”. He remained silent, as there was nothing else to add to the conversation. But, she had something more to say, so she continued:

“See, that’s how girls know that boys ARE boys,” she said. “They see this little thing that hangs down and know: that is a boy!”

This was very unpleasant situation for him, and he didn’t know how to react. He couldn’t wait to get home, while the girl was still speaking and she asked him innocently:

“Did you know that boys swell up when they see a girl?”

After hearing this, he started swelling and panicking. He tried to change the topic but he was unable to think for even a word, because of the situation in which he was. The girl again asked:

“Daddy, why do girls like boys to have this thing?”

He thought to himself: “Good lord, what should I say? Hasn’t every woman asked that question at one point or another?”

“Oh…well, umm…you see sweetie…”, he tried to answer to her, but she couldn’t even wait for the answer and she said:

“It’s because it waggles when they walk, so the girl knows that this is a boy and that she likes him. Then, the boy sees the girl and he swells up, and then the girl knows that he ALSO likes her,” she explained. “Then they get married, and then they get cooked!”

Then he thought about the answer, which was uncomfortable, but true. Even though the word “cooked” was a little bit confusing for him, he didn’t panic at all and he also thought that those things are not bad for his daughter to know.

When they arrived at home, his daughter fished something out of her backpack and said to him:

“Daddy, I drew a picture of what we learned at school today, wanna see?”

Being still confused, her father was not sure if he is reacting in the right or the wrong way. Then he took the drawing and seeing with his own eyes what was it about, he had to sit down.

On the drawing there was a crayon in which a large male turkey was drawn in details. His snood, which is the red thing that the male turkeys have is found attractive by the female turkeys. It was drawn artistically, along with all of his features that made him stand proud and tall.

After seeing the drawing, he started laughing hard as he thought that it was hilarious, so his daughter found that offensive. But, after that, he told her that her drawing was pretty and that he loved and enjoyed it.



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