Why Men Admire Women Jugs

Every woman at least once in a lifetime would have noticed that men stare at women’s breasts in a very obsessive manner. And males may find it hard to deny that they secretly admire women’s breasts. Nobody would have ever thought of logical reasons that why do men do so?


Here we are up with 11 logical reasons that why men admire and can’t resist staring at women’s breasts!
1.Men love the soft touch of women’s breasts

The touch and tenderness of women’s boobs drive men crazy. Males admire breasts because of their softness and the pleasure in touching them.

Men find them really comfortable

Males admire boobs for their softness and find them comfortable to lie on them as they can act as a pillow!

They find breasts, mysterious

The breasts covered by clothes appear very mysterious to men. They wish to see and feel them and unsolve the mystery!

Men think that boobs signify the maturity of a woman

Boobs are a symbol that a girl has now become a woman and is mature enough for breeding.

Women’s breasts cause stimulation

Scientists state a logical reason behind this and state that both males, as well as females, get stimulated by boobs. But for men, boobs are a treat to their eyes.

They find them highly sensuous

For males, Boobs are the most sensuous part of a woman’s body. When a woman’s breasts are stimulated, they release an Oxycontin, known as ‘love drug’ which enhances sexual arousal in the great majority of women. This arousal is similar to the breastfeeding.

Breasts enhance a woman’s poise

Boobs make a woman more beautiful and pleasurable. They add on to women’s poise and appearance.

Boobs and foreplay: Amazing start

Boobs play a significant role in foreplay and establishing the sexual desire.


Boobs are the logical reason behind cleavage. And the sight of cleavage makes men stare at women’s boobs.

It’s a sign of fertility

A man consequently gets pulled in towards a lady who he supposes is solid, physically alluring and who has created an assemblage of reproducing age.

The size makes them even more attractive

Males admire boobs with a bigger size. They get captivated by the size and can resist staring at them due to logical reasons.


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