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If you suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders it is undoubtedly important that you take a few minutes to see this powerful mix.

And so enjoy a good night’s sleep, so pay close attention and take note of this recipe. Do you want to know more? Stay until the end

This mixture before sleeping and you will be surprised with the results

Sugar and salt are not allowed in large quantities because of their potential harmful effects, but they also have a positive side.

The American Matt Stone is a health specialist and explains about the special combination of sugar and salt and its effect on human health.

It seems that a mixture made of sugar and salt can reduce the stress that appears in the middle of the night and makes you awake in the middle of your sleep.

Sugar and salt work as a “battery” for cells: the balance of sodium provides adequate cellular respiration and glucose directly provides mitochondria.

Natural recipe for sleeping

These two ingredients are able to handle stress – sugar sends signals to the body to shut down the production of the stress hormone that affects the metabolism and keeps you awake at night.

And salt is also important to maintain homeostasis conditions, where adrenaline is under control. So, if you are one of those people who feel the circulation of adrenaline that keeps you awake at night.

The combination of salty and sweet helps to balance and normal function of the stress hormone, says Matt Stone, here are other benefits:

-Strengthens the immune system
-Treatment for headaches
-Treatment for insomnia
-Rise the levels of energy
-Increases serotonin and electrolyte levels
-It has anti-stress properties.


Five spoons of brown sugar

One teaspoon of unrefined sea salt tea
The best option is to use organic sugar and salt from the Himalayas, but if you do not have these, regular sugar and salt serve well. Mix the two ingredients and place them in a previously sterilized glass jar.

How to consume:
Before bedtime, (or when you wake up in the middle of sleep), take a small amount of the mixture and place it under your tongue giving you time to absorb it little by little. You will go back to sleep in a very short time.

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