This Is Why You Should Pee Immediately After Intercourse

There are various myths surrounding what to do before and after sex. Some of them are very true and some are just ridiculous lies. To cherish a great sexual relationship, you need to have an excellent sexual health and to have an excellent sexual relationship you need to pee right after Sex. Yes, you heard it right. Although it sounds weird it is damn true. Urinating after having an intimate encounter is beneficial in many ways.


Read Here The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Urinate After Having Sex!
While you are having an intercourse various microbes and bacteria surrounding the genetical and rectum can enter the urethra and infect the bladder. This leads to severe health problems and can even trigger hazardous issues.
But when you go to urinate after having Sex then with the urine various microbes and bacteria get washed away. This is the most important reason why you should urinate after having sex.

Furthermore, women do not ejaculate through the urethra, unlike men. Thus the foreign particles that enter the body during penetration can only be removed through peeing. The foreign elements could lead to urinary tract infection. Thus it is advised to urinate within 45 minutes of intercourse. It is always advised to take precautions as they are more reliable and safe. An unsafe sex can lead to vaginal infection and cysts. Thus the doctors always advise taking precaution as a safety measure just to avoid any mishappenings.

Once you are all aware of the importance of peeing after having sex there are some other aspects to take care of. To avoid urinary tract infection and to enjoy intimate encounters, personal hygiene should be maintained and should be of utmost importance. Sexually transmitted diseases can jeopardize your whole life. This advice is especially for women. The vaginal area should be definitely washed every time after an encounter with water or neutral pH soap.

What causes a woman to experience pain and burning when peeing after sex? Lots of factors come into play as to how bacteria gets in places where it doesn’t belong. Here are some of them:

1. Urethritis

Not to be confused with a UTI, even though the sensation feels the same, urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra is caused when bacteria enter it. Sometimes the bacteria are related to a sexually transmitted infection but sometimes non-bacterial UTIs are the culprit. Either way, without treatment, this cause will make it hurt to pee after sex and even longer. If ignored, it will worsen. The burning may happen a few days after sexual intercourse since enough time has passed for the bacteria to build up in the body. This condition is often taken care of with antibiotics and won’t improve on its own.

2. Bladder infection aka urinary tract infection —

As mentioned before UTIs are common among women. You may even feel a little tenderness in the back around the area of your kidneys and when you go to pee it hurts more each time. Often a woman will not only feel like it hurts when she has to pee, but she will often feel a need to pee more but for no reason. There are over the counter medicines to help make the burn go away, but you definitely will need to see a doctor. Antibiotics are the most common treatment for UTIs.

3. Sexually transmitted infection or disease —

Sometimes it will hurt to pee and the reason simply is because of a sexually transmitted infection. Some STDs take the time to reveal their presence days later. Some STIs that cause you to hurt when peeing after sex a few days to a few weeks later include:

Genital warts
Others Problems are
Imbalanced hormones
Blood in the urine from the kidneys
Not enough lubricant during sexual intercourse
Stay Healthy Stay Active Stay Dope in bed.


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