Your Sleeping Position Says Alot About Your Love Life

Because your subconscious mind controls the way you sleep with your partner. Sleep body language can be an amazingly accurate way to assess what is going on in your relationship — even if you can’t or don’t articulate those things while you’re awake,” says Patti Wood, a body language expert with more than 30 years of experience and author of Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language.


Since our subconscious mind is responsible for the way we sleep, the body language we exhibit while sleeping is a good indicator of how the relationship is progressing. The way we sleep can often give us valuable insights into what we’re missing in the relationship of if we’re going in the right direction with our partner.

Of course, exceptions are always there but if your partner’s posture while sleeping changes suddenly, you might find these hints useful for decoding what’s going on in their head.


Spooning indicates that your partner has your back. They’re behind you and have their arms over you in a protective position. It’s also a vulnerable position, both sexually and physically, so it hints that you feel perfectly secure in your relationship and that your partner is extremely protective of you.

Sleeping a Few Inches Apart

It is usually a position in which new couples sleep. It’s mostly seen at the beginning of a relationship when the partners want maximum eye contact and are still in the process of finding out about the other person. They’re only exploring their partner’s mind during this phase.

Your Head on Your Partner’s Chest

This position indicates that your partner is protective of you. He’s conveying the message that he will use his power and keep you safe. If you look up to him and sleep in a fetal position, it shows that you depend on him.

Sleeping Face to Face with your Partner

If you tend to sleep facing your partner, it’s usually an attempt at looking your partner in the eye. If they start facing you directly as well, it’s a sure sign that both of you feel distant from each other and need to connect more. Maybe it’s the intimacy you’re both craving or just the usual comfort you’re both missing at the moment.

Sleeping Face Away from each other

Couples who sleep back to back usually enjoy an intimate and comfortable relationship. Since both the partners are not facing each other but are still sure of their significant other’s presence, this shows a level of understanding that’s beyond the superficial needs of confirmation. There is an uncanny familiarity between the two where they don’t need to be entirely wrapped up in the other.

Sleeping on your Stomach

Man sleeping and hugging pillow, smiling

Lying on your stomach keeps your front covered, which is usually the first part we would try to protect in the event of an attack. Sleeping on your stomach with your vulnerable parts included means you’re anxious or vulnerable, or you’re feeling a lack of trust between you and your partner. If your partner sleeps on their stomach, maybe you can keep a hand on him to make him feel better.

Sleeping on the Opposite Sides of Bed

Whenever partners are sleeping with their backs towards each other, and far away, it shows the relationship isn’t going smooth. There’s some discomfort either because of some unresolved problems or issues in the relationship. Maybe it’s time both the spouses need to make some compromises if they want the relationship to keep going.

No Body part touching except your Legs or Feet

The feet or legs are farthest away from the brain, and they’re the first organs you usually use during a fight or flight response when you’re threatened. It shows that feet are the organs we often resort to first, sometimes even without entirely conscious thought. If your partner is touching you with their feet, it surely means they’re looking for emotional or sexual attention.

Sleep intertwined first then move apart

If both of you are consciously going to sleep intertwined with each other, it shows that you both value the intimacy you share with each other. But if you’re moving away while sleeping, it means that subconsciously you value each other’s independence as well and are not shying away from giving your partner space they need. It is one of an ideal scenario in any relationship.

Arms and Legs intertwined

If you’re in the habit of sleeping with your partner with both your legs and arms around each other, it means you’re both too much into each other. This position shows you both act as a pair that completes each other. You are probably the couple that’s finishing each other’s sentences.


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