Can you tell your man is acting different and something is off? Obviously, things don’t always stay in the honeymoon phase but that doesn’t mean they should completely die down. You might want to ask him what’s wrong, but he won’t tell you. This is why we have figured it out for you instead!

15. He Needs Space
Obviously, no one wants to be in a situation where the guy they love doesn’t want to be around them anymore. This is a sign of a guy who wants to separate himself from the girl and wants to be alone. Uh-oh.


14. He Has New People Around Him
You know your man better than anyone so you can tell if he is acting weird and constantly has places to be with people you don’t know. This is especially worse if you aren’t invited because maybe he’s with someone else!

13. He Doesn’t Know Where Your Relationship Is Going Anymore
When someone wants to be with you, they know that they are going to take actions that will make you both connected. However, when they start losing interest they don’t know what they want to do anymore which makes the relationship confusing.

12. He’s Never Interested
You know when you are talking to someone and yeah they are physically there and you know that, but they just don’t mentally seem to be there. This means they are losing interest and don’t care anymore.

11. Date Night Is a Bore
At one time, you used to love date night and having someone who gives you so much attention but now it seems to be the opposite. Date night is not fun anymore and he is all to blame because he is never into it!

10. He Gives You So Many Excuses
Does he never want to do anything and seems to have the dumbest excuse? Or does he just seem to have excuses for everything? Well, unfortunately, this is a sign of someone who isn’t interested anymore.

9. He Think You Don’t Love Him
He keeps telling you that you don’t seem the same and are changing and what really makes you mad is when he claims you don’t love him anymore. Well, is it you who doesn’t love him or him who doesn’t love you? Interesting.

8. You Haven’t Spent a Night Together in a While
Maybe you haven’t realized but it has been a while since you both spent the night together. Obviously, this is a huge part of any relationship and if he doesn’t value this, maybe it means he doesn’t value the relationship.

7. He Doesn’t Try Anymore
You always think about the past when he used to do everything he possibly could just to see you happy and now it seems he doesn’t care at all. Well, don’t just disregard this clues, actually take them for what they are.

6. He’s Getting Cheap
Maybe you have noticed that he doesn’t want to pay for dinner or movies like he used to. What happened? Well if he loves you then he will want to treat you but since he’s not maybe there are somethings you should think over.

5. You Are Always Wrong in His Eyes
No matter what happens, no matter how hard you try, you always seem to be the one in the wrong. This is just how he makes himself feel better for treating you so badly.

4. He Wants to Change You
He used to tell you that he loves you for who you are but now he constantly wants to change you. This is because he doesn’t like who you are now and is trying to see if changing you will make you more appealing to him.

3. He’s More Forgetful
You make plans that you are very excited for but he forgets. Aww. Well, sadly this means that he wasn’t as excited for them as you were which means you don’t excite him anymore.

2. He Never Calls or Texts Back
No matter what he tells you, he can never be too busy to take a few seconds to reply to your message. This just shows that he wants to distance himself from you or likes to see you in a needy position. Either way, it’s not good!

1. He’s Too Busy
He never wants to spend time with you which is sad because that is the most important part of any relationship. He wants distance which only means he isn’t into it anymore.


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