Things Women Need to Know About Men (But Don’t)

Women rule the world as the queens of demands. Whether it is related to beauty, sensitivity or material possessions, women have a list of demands that would take scrolls to pin down. But it is quite sexist to believe that these feelings are unilateral in any sense of the word. Men too have feelings, and despite being the lesser sentinels of the communication realm, they do have existing emotions. Whether it was crying at sad dog movies, or heartbreak when a loved one leaf, men would like to believe that for once, they are free of the shackles of masculine status quos and allowed to express at will. All of that and more is in this list of thirty shocking things that men wish women knew more about them (and quite possibly don’t!)


1. We don’t know we’re beautiful
Even those of us who are genuinely good looking, there is a great chance that we’ve not been told that in a long time, or ever even! Perhaps everyone counts on us knowing that pre-emptively but that makes little sense if no one tells us, doesn’t it? And it goes out to say that our mamas don’t count. Set aside the fact that having a pass made on is one thing, but being patronized by a sincere compliment on how good you look is entirely different matter. Speak up, girls!

2. Getting hit on is fine too
It probably comes as a no-brainer, but when guys get hit on, they feel on top of the world. And not even the bad way. Barring guys being resultant jerks, this is hands down the best way to send a guy pit falling out of insecurity. Genuine shout-out to all the girls who made a guy’s day by ever asking him out. You guys are the real MVP!

3. Compliments cost nothing
Men are known as the villains of the compliment world, never willing to pass one regardless of how warranted it is. Well, guess what? It takes one to know one girl and perhaps our inability to pass compliments is deeply rooted in how rare it is we get one ourselves. So, toss out the outdated paradigms and let men embrace rosy compliments.

4. Doomed conversation jump starts
Men, the treasurers of all awkward conversations. There is a dogmatic fallacy that the burden of engaging conversations lies on men. Little is known about how this is, in fact, a curse. Based on cues that are more often than not too implicit to be taken concretely, man(literally)kind is expected to start funny, interesting conversations magically. Boo!

5. Real men don’t cry?!
At some point in a warrior, gladiator (read: Spartan) state in medieval times, it was concluded that men who show the emotions of weakness aren’t men at all. Well, dang rabbit. Such is the brutality of this paradigm, which when if ever, men are asked to open up or be expressive, we simply blank down as to what it means. Talk about a buzzkill.

6. Always on top?
About time we came to the caveman status quo about men always being the strong, upstanding ones in a relationship. It’s not that we are incapable or unwilling to stand up. But terming it ‘man-up,’ every time someone has to take a stand is well and truly a drag on our energy and synergy. Yeah, that’s right, how about you stand in the corn dog queue for once.

7. Don’t complain, explain
We get that when something hurts you all or is excessively bothersome, we become the only saviors to your life and thus you expectedly turn up to express your desire for our involvement. But honestly, as much as we care about your feelings, it is honestly best for everyone if we progress towards solving the issue rather than talking about it. Like putting two and two together, right?

8. Hotwired with emotions
It goes out to say that we are honestly full to the brim with emotions. The fallacy that men are soulless creatures has no grounds to be based on. Based on our chemical DNA, we are just as likely to feel joy, anger, and grief than anybody else. So stop treating us with emotional disdain. We’re human too. Pinky swear.

9. Some ‘me’ time does wonders
It’s how men are. A little time off cracking a cold one with the boys or even basking in solitude sometimes does wonders for us regarding self-reflection and internal peace.

10. Being quiet is part of us
Ever found us quiet in a corner, looking distant as we take in the room, the people or just staring at you? We don’t hold a deep abhorrence for smiling or socializing, but sometimes chilling for us means just to be that quiet.

11. Snuggling is top tier
For all those who believe we are into crude, caveman love -that is untrue. There is a snuggler in all of us, and nothing gets us to bliss faster than some intimate time with our loved ones.

12. Faking if you got off won’t make us great lovers
For those women that spend long times with the special other only to complain how they rarely get off, the only right way forth is to guide us. We only know that we try our best so, if you fake it, chances are you’ll only end up disappointing yourself.

13. Insecurity is universal
Being shouted at while being told that it was because I’m insecure and you’re not only hurting us. Insecurity is born of circumstances and not age or gender. So consider the possibility that guys may have a few insecurities up their sleeve as well.

14. Ravaging love hungry beasts
The general belief is that men are hungry for lust and everything else is secondary. It is just a hurtful misconception. Most men feel deeply for everything and quite (un)surprisingly there are times when we aren’t in the mood for lovemaking. Go figure!

15. Held up hurtings
The blue tick feel; read and left for dead. It might be poetry for some, but for the average male, it is life. We are always the one facing the no replies to messages and texts, and this honestly makes us wonder how conversational rights work. Seriously.

16. Cuddle stereotypes
Little is known that men feel quite nice when made the little spoon in a cuddling sesh. All those guru talks that were asking to mix it up to keep relationships interesting mean exactly this. Taking charge as a cuddler is nice honestly.

17. No psyches at work here
For all those times when women expect men to know what’s amiss magically. Take the hint as well ladies; if we knew, things wouldn’t be as bad. Not saying men are dumb or anything, but if we aren’t reacting appropriately to your feelings, the chances are that we’re unaware.

18. We are thinking nothing at times
The life of the average male is so individualistically eventful that it is perfectly normal for us to zone out sometimes. And when we do say that we were thinking of nothing, it is perfectly normal for us to get grilled for it. Sheesh, tough life.

19. Sometimes we are better off not talking about our day
Men are perhaps strange beings. If admitting to that gets us the occasional bliss of internalizing pain, so be it. It may be weird that we can sometimes get over things especially well when they are left alone, but ignorance is bliss.

20. Eye contact is vital
When making love, eye contact deepens the relational bond for us by a LOT. Men need to see you care and know you love them and this obsessional validation is just a natural feeling birthed from the inquisitiveness of reciprocated feelings.

21. Beauty isn’t skin deep
Most men wouldn’t admit it that easily amongst their peers, but they aren’t that shallow over how a woman looks or how curvy she is. Yes, they may admit to it owing to lesser conversational hassles, but it’s never fully true.

22. Absence equates ending
Nothing hurts men more for when you devoid them of yourself the most. Whether it’s through talking, or attention or even love making, men mind it if you push them, or yourself away. So remember that the next time you devoid a man of what you can give him, you may have already planted one of his feet out the door.

23. Gender equality transcends all aspects
There is no shame in walking up to us and asking us out to dinner. Seems absurd maybe but then again, a lot of changes in status quo seem strange to us too. We don’t mistake the importance of chivalry but realize that chivalry works both ways with gender equality.

24. Being inadequate means death to us
At times things go awry, and disagreements out of hand. But it is a red flag to ever call your man inadequate, useless or a bad provider. When all else fails, we take comfort in knowing that by the day’s end, we at least provide for our loved ones. Nothing hurts more than being told you’re falling short, even when you aren’t.

25. Take the compliment, please!
If we ever compliment you, we do mean it. The thing with guys is that they never compliment to bide time or throw around conversations. We don’t (read: can’t) think that far honestly. So when we pass a compliment your way, just smile back. Win-win.

26. Men can’t complain
It has been written in some social manifesto somewhere that while the role comes rushing to help when a woman complains, men are seen as frail, weak or helpless if they are the ones complaining. Stereotyping at it’s best.

27. Simplest mental circuits on the planet
Men are wired to be simple, plain and uncomplex at the best of times. We react to animal instinct, and that is probably why we sometimes do something so unclever that we are scorned by the emotional nexus of the female mind. Tough life.

28. Real life Bear Grylls
If you ever wonder why men are an imperfect creation, just try and seek the adaptability in us. Whether they are on the highway or in the driveway, men can find just about anywhere to pee in the outdoors. Perhaps the most marketable skill we have (joke).

29. We are genuinely rude to girls we like
Men are insecure to admit weakness to another being, most of which are females. So it comes as no surprise that our coping mechanism is to sometimes be rude to them as a coping mechanism to our weakness. It in no way justifies that equation you do look very adorable.

30. We are afraid of getting old
Bald heads, droopy waists and not getting it up anymore are some of our greatest fears. Men may not admit it but these are the Achilles heel to their pride, and if only women knew and didn’t ever indicate as such, it would go a long way. Accompany us on this tense road, and you’ll mean the world to us.


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