Types Of Men You Need To Avoid If You Are Looking For A Real One

It’s been rightly said that most of the times women are attracted to the wrong men. It’s hard to know everything about the person you are dating in just a few days. A lot of women get through the reality check when they move in together. It’s really hard to avoid a toxic relationship when the other person is good at acting. Instead of wasting your time on finding the right guy, you should know about the types of men you should never date.


Dear women, here are the 12 types of men you should avoid. Take a look!

1. The commitophobe
He has everything that you look for in a guy, but he is afraid of commitment and doesn’t think about the future of you two.

2. The smelly guy
No matter how good he is but would you really dare to be in a relationship with a stinky guy?

3. Selfish
A relationship is all about two people and it’s built on mutual understanding. You just can’t be selfish all the time.

4. Careless and irresponsible
These bad qualities can be avoided when you are in your early 20’s but once you have to settle down, you have to think about your career and financial planning for future.

5. Very good at acting
He acts like he cares and always tries to make you believe that he will do everything for you.

6. Couch potato
You should avoid dating a guy who is busy watching TV shows, movies and doesn’t like to socialize with people. Well, you may create a big difference in his life, but dating a couch potato can be risky.

7. The jerk
The alpha-male who always acts like he is the boss. He can pick fights with anybody on the street and very short tempered.

8. The F*ck boy
He will always try to find a way to get into your skirt. He lacks emotion and only likes to do casual hookup with girls with no future commitments.

9. The man-child
He is in his 30s but acts like he is a teenager. He can make you feel like a kid again but in a serious relationship, a childish behavior may or may not work.

10. The desperate guy
Attraction and desperation are two different things. You should avoid dating a guy who is way too desperate.

11. Mr. know-It-All
He always likes to brag about his knowledge and thinks he is the smarter than others.

12. The married guy
This is a big ‘No No’. You should avoid dating a married guy as it will eventually create trouble for you and his married life.

So, these are the types of men you should avoid dating. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and let them know about the types of men they should avoid dating.


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