WARNING: Don’t Let Anybody Kiss Your Kids Because They Might Get This Incurable Virus From Them

If you are a parent you want the best things for them, you will do everything for them and you will catch a bullet to protect them, that is how far the parents love for their kids.

But what if one day, a mindless people will put your kids life into danger by kissing them just because they can’t resist even they know they have “infectious virus” that could be and possible to transfer to children.

Recently, a concerned mother and netizen named Christina Leandra Valdez shared her story on her Facebook post about her child’s condition after getting a virus from an adult who kissed her baby’s foot.

Warning: Pictures below are graphic and might be disturbing to other readers.

She said that it all just started as a rash on his toe, then it starts to blister and then it went horrible. And she took him to 5 different doctors in 3 different cities to check her son’s condition and the results came back positive for Herpes or to be precise the diagnosis was Ostiano with Herptic Whitlow (Type 1 Herpes). All of the doctors they went into, they all said the same “there’s nothing we can do.”

After hearing this she felt aggravated and unsatisfied to what they have said about her son’s condition. But she also admitted that the doctors are right, there is nothing they could really do for her baby. They even advised her that her son’s condition will get worse before it gets better. It means her baby had to suffer pain before he gets well.

The doctor from the Children’s Hospital told her the possibility of where the virus came from. He could have got it from someone who carries herpes virus and kissed him. But according to Christa, that is not possible he got it from a kiss because she doesn’t let anybody kiss her baby anywhere. Her theory was the person who has the Herpes virus must have touch their mouth and then touch her baby’s toe where she explained must have been a cut to his toe and that leads the virus to enter his body.

That is possible to happen because Herpes virus is an infectious incurable disease that can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. But once you acquired the virus, it will not leave your body and become dormant, it means there would be times that it will not be active but able to become active.

She also added because the virus have no cure her son will be prone to cold sores in his mouth.

It’s so painful to see that your baby was feeling unwell and in pain just because of irresponsibility of other people.

But in the end of her post she wanted to thank the people who prayed for her baby and that it’s been 3 weeks since it happened and he is well now.

This is a Warning to all Parents to not let your kids to be kissed by anyone in any part of their body. This is very important because other might think that this is just a minor issue but it’s not, this is really important and your family should know about this for awareness. So, share this to anyone to help spread awareness.

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